public class NLUTensorflow : NSObject, NLUService

This is the client entry point for the Spokestack BERT NLU implementation. This class provides a classification interface for deriving intents and slots from a natural language utterance. When initialized, the TTS system communicates with the client via either a delegate that receive events or the publisher-subscriber pattern.

 // assume that self implements the `SpokestackDelegate` protocol
 let nlu = try! NLUTensorflow(self, configuration: configuration)
 nlu.classify(utterance: "I can't turn that light in the room on for you, Dave", context: [:])
Using the NLUTensorflow class requires the providing a number of `SpeechConfiguration` variables, all prefixed with `nlu`. The most important are the `nluVocabularyPath`, `nluModelPath`, and the `nluModelMetadataPath`.